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Quadrella Australian Racing – The New Unbracketed Bet

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of quadrella bets in Australian racing, as well as how the new unbracketed bet can help you win big. We’ll also look at the new unbracketed bet’s availability, and the potential dividend payouts. This betting option has gained popularity in recent years, so we’ll cover all of the key details. But before we begin, let’s talk about the history of this bet type.

Quadrella bets

The bracketed Quadrella has become a popular form of Australian racing bets, with punters hailing it as a “quaddie.” As the name suggests, it pays off big-time if one horse wins more than one race. Punters who place their bets on these races can win big enough to quit their jobs and mortgages. However, there are a number of disadvantages to placing wagers on these bets.

Dividend payouts

If you’re a horse race fanatic, you’ll be interested in the latest updates to the Quadrella dividends. In an attempt to give punters more options, the TAB has released a new guide on the subject. During the last month of the Australian racing season, we surveyed punters to find out which racecourses pay the highest dividends. Listed below are the top three places to place your bets.


When betting on horse racing in Australia, you might have seen the term “quaddie” on the TABs. This bet requires identifying the winners of four separate events, or legs. The winner of each leg wins the total dividend. Hence, it is called a quadrella bet. There are many different kinds of quaddie bets, and you will probably be familiar with them if you have bet on horse racing before.

New unbracketed bet type

There’s a new bet type in town for Aussie quadrella racing. The unbracketed Quadrella is the first new bet type to be introduced in over a decade. There were some early concerns that this new bet type would not be as popular, but after extensive research, TAB executives have come to the conclusion that the unbracketed bet type is a better option for most punters.

Exotic payouts

The Quaddie is an exotic wager in which you need to pick the winner of four nominated races. You can win a large amount of money when you win this bet if you know which horses to back in each leg. If you’re not sure how to bet on this exotic bet, read our articles on quadrella systems and staking strategies. These bets are extremely hard to win, but when you do, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.













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