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The Most Famous Online Games in 2022

Among the most popular online games in the world today are Minecraft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl, and Runescape. However, some of these games are not yet popular enough to become popular in 2022. For those interested in what games will be popular in 2022, read on. You may be surprised at what you discover.


It is no surprise that Runescape is among the most popular online games in 2022. Though the game is already 20 years old, Jagex continues to add new features to the game. This free-toplay MMORPG is popular with players from all over the world and has seen a spike in player growth since January 4th. The game is also free to play, but there are paid content options for those who want to get into the game’s world.


Developed in China, Minecraft is the world’s most popular game for younger audiences. In fact, over 70% of boys between six and eight years of age play Minecraft, and it is a great way to encourage creativity and explore the world. Minecraft is the number one paid gaming app on Google Play, with more than 10 million downloads. Moreover, it is kid-friendly, with its learningfocused gameplay. It is estimated that Minecraft will generate over $415 million in revenue by 2022.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Players can compete against each other in the massively popular multiplayer game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game consists of a battle royale where players can play as individuals or teams. There are multiple types of weapons and gear available. Players can also use vehicles to travel from point A to point B, which can provide them with mobility. As the game progresses, the playable area gets smaller until there are only a few players remaining.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl

The game features a non-linear storyline and role-playing gameplay elements. In addition to fighting enemies and gathering items, you can also communicate with other players and trade items. The game has multiple endings and offers many different types of gameplay.

Mario Kart 8

The latest update for Mario Kart will bring 48 remastered courses. This will allow up to four players to share a screen and compete against each other. Players can also choose from 41 different Nintendo characters and use silly weapons. It’s easy to see why 토토사이트 Mario Kart 8 is the most popular game on the Nintendo Switch. But will it stay that way? Probably not, as the game is constantly changing and gaining new features.


This video game has a dark and disturbing theme. It’s about animatronic creatures that chase intruders. It has many characters like Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, Vanessa, and the like. As the game progresses, you will meet new characters like Jack, who is a man who has lost everything. Besides Jack, you can also play games such as Monty Golf, Roxy Raceway, and sewers.


With 3.2 billion players in April 2020, Fortnite is a top contender for the title of most popular online game. The game has many reasons for its popularity. The game is available on many different devices, including smartphones, tablet computers, and PCs. As such, it attracts a diverse range of players. Additionally, Fortnite has many features that appeal to all types of players. The game has a large fan base, with over three to four million players per day. This is evidenced by the frequent updates and special Fortnite events.

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