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How Is Online Poker Different From Live Poker?

No matter whether you play poker on your computer or in a casino, the game remains unchanged. Players who play both kinds of poker bet as well as fluff. Again, they also receive and deliver bad beats. If a poker player develops some skills in a format, he can readily change his skills to the other. Earlier, there was a clear contrast between online poker players and live poker players. The professionals who belonged to one group particularly ignored the other group. With time, experienced players, regardless of their levels, play both live and online poker. Players who want to play these games are conscious of the differences between these games. They are also aware of the rules of the games very well. Some differences between online poker and live poker are:

The size of the bet

When you play a live cash game, you will find bets in different sizes than online poker. It happens commonly when the matter zeroes on opening preflop raises. The online cash games feature players who open for 2x, 3x, 2.5x, or 3x, but when you play live games, you will find several players who open for 5x, 6x, and more than this. And it commonly happens in cases of a lower-stake live game. But it is always suggested to choose only the best sites, such as fun88to play. When players play in tournaments, they find live players to be over betting, especially the beginners who find it tough to keep a trail of their pot sizes.

Difference between heads-up and multi-way pots

When a poker player plays live games, he finds looser play, and players do lots more calls. Live poker games witness more multi-way pots compared to online poker games, as here, the pre-flop betting forms heads-up situations. If you play live cash game sessions, you will find lots of limpers to be pre-flopping and many callers of preflop raise. So, it forms a multi-way circumstance.

Difference between folding and calling

If a live player becomes a loser to an online player with his preflop call, then post-flop things begin to work differently. Many online players tend to be more competent in making massive post-flop calls with either medium-strength or weak hands compared to live players. And it means a big river bluff gets more often live compared to what happens online. However, there isn’t any concrete rule as things change according to players too.

How frequently do bad beats happen?

Numerous players complain of bad beats more online compared to live. It happens at the lower limits and the micros online as here, little stakes continue to encourage calls that have subpar hands, and they occasionally outdraw improved ones.

The speed of the game

One major difference between online and live poker is the speed of play. Live poker tends to be slower than online poker plays, and players who love to play online find live games to be pretty boring. The capability of players to multi-table online means playing lots of hands more than it happens live.


The above-mentioned factors are some remarkable factors that make online poker different from online poker. However, if you play online poker, do not get lured by a scam site and play games on reliable sites only like fun88.

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